I have a fitted fridge and dishwasher, will the kitchen cabinets kit work for me?

Yes the kit will work for kitchens with fitted fridge freezers, dishwashers and other appliances. Many of these will have different door hinges from standard cabinets, we recommend taking a photo or video of the hinge before you unscrew it.

Is eggshell paint hard-wearing enough for kitchen cabinets?

To get the best finish for your cabinets and to make sure your new look is as hard-wearing as possible we recommend applying multiple coats of paint and letting the cabinets fully dry between coats.
While using your kitchen it's inviable that cabinets will get knocked and slammed. We recommend storing any left over paint you have, this way you always have some to keep your refreshed kitchen looking tip-top!

Does the Kitchen Upcycling kit work on all cabinet surfaces?

Our kit can be used for all types of kitchen cabinet surfaces such as laminate. We provide the tools needed to prep any type of cabinet surface to upcycle into your new design. 

What if I get stuck? 

If you get stuck using our video and illustrated guides we’re on hand to help. Use the live chat function on the site, or Whatsapp us.