Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be a great DIY’er to use Roomix?

Not at all! Our kits are super easy-to-use. Roomix is right for you if you’re completely new to DIY, you're trying a new type of project or you just like the convenience of having everything delivered to your door.

Are the kits safe for children?

We don’t recommend that children use our kits. They contain things which could be dangerous for kids, like saws, hammers, glue and nails.

Can I buy and replace individual items? 

You can buy individual items from our Tools & Supplies page.

If something breaks or you run out of something, contact us about a replacement at

What if I get stuck? 

If you get stuck using our video and illustrated guides we’re on hand to help. Use the live chat function on the site, orWhatsapp us.

Shipping & Returns

Will I be able to track my delivery?

Tracking details will be shared with you once the order has been dispatched. Once the order has been dispatched to most up to date information will be via your courier.

How much is shipping?

For orders over £200 our shipping is free*. For orders less than £200, our shipping is charged at £9.99 for most of our items. 

*Unfortunately our courier service ParcelForce does not classify Scotland as within mainland UK (we don't understand it either!)... but this means that it costs us much more to send our products to Scotland. Therefore, we cannot extend our free shipping offer to orders from Scotland or Northern Ireland. 

How long will my customised or made-to-measure orders take?

Products customised to length e.g. custom cut timber, shelving or personalised products, will be delivered in 7 - 14 working days.

Floor bed orders are hand built to order and take between 20-30 days to be dispatched. Once dispatched use your tracking link for estimated delivery dates.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we do not offer international delivery at this stage.

What is your returns policy?

You can find out more at our shipping and returns policy page.


Wall Panelling

What do I get in a wall panel kit?

Our kits come with everything you need to complete your project. That means just the right amount of materials, plus tools and an illustrated guide to take you through your project step-by-step. To see what exactly you will receive check out the ‘what’s in the kit’ section on the relevant product page.

If you’ve used our visualiser tool, you will also receive a PDF of your personalised layout plan with the exact measurements needed for your project.

How does the MDF arrive?

All of our MDF comes in packs of 120cm lengths. This enables us to keep within courier limits and offer a competitive delivery service across the UK. Therefore if you have a panel design that is above 120cm in height there is some assembly required. Don't worry though we provide everything you need to join the pieces and make it look like one seamless piece of MDF.

Will I need to cut the wood?

There is some trimming needed to fit to your space but everything you need to do this is in the installation tools and our How To Guide gives some simple steps with illustrations if you need it.

We also provide a custom cutting service! Add this to your basket and we'll cut the wood precisely as you need it, ready for installation once you receive it.

Is the wood primed?

The wood is not pre-primed however there is a pot of wood primer and a brush in the installation tools and materials so you can easily do this when installing the wall panels.

How thick are the wood panels in the panelling kits?

Our panel sizes have been carefully chosen with help from customers and our community. MDF panels come in 6mm thickness as standard. Some of the kits will have a small number of MDF panels at 3mm to add as a trim and to cover any gaps.

How do I wall panel on multiple walls?

Currently one kit = one wall. If you have multiple walls then you will need one kit per wall. Make sure you get the right sized kit for the wall you are panelling.

If you need further assistance, contact us here and our interior designers can help with full room designs.

Can I custom design my Shaker wall panels?

Yes of course! Check out our awesome Wall Panel Design Tool to configure the panels exactly how you like it.

If you have any other specific customisation requests, you can contact us at

How long does it take to install wall paneling?

Our wall panels will take approximately 1.5 days to install. You can make it even faster if you get your wood custom cut (for an additional price) so you won't need to saw the wood yourself!

Can wall paneling be installed in any room?

Yes! Our wall paneling can be installed in virtually any room, including living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and even bathrooms or kitchens.

When will my wall panels be delivered?

Your wall panel will arrive in 3-5 working days. You will be able to track it's progress once you place an order.

Custom cut items will take 5-12 working days.

Contact us for estimated dispatch dates.

Do I have to buy the whole kit?

You don't need to buy the whole kit if you don't need it. We have a range of panel back and panel mould that you can buy individual which you can see here.

Can I get my panels cut to my measurements?

Yes of course, just add custom cutting to your basket and one of the team will be in touch to help with your design. Alternatively contact


What are the internal and external dimensions on the beds?

The internal dimensions are the sizes that we have listed above and these relate to standard mattress sizes. To get the external dimensions on the bed you need to add 8cm all the way around. So, if the bed you like is 140cm x 70cm then the external dimensions of the bed will be 148cm x 78cm.

Get in touch if you'd like a size that is not currently listed. We can accommodate almost all changes to the size.

How many cm is the gap between the vertical rails of the floor bed?

The gap between the rails is around 7cm, but it varies slightly depending on the bed’s size.

If you'd like the gap between the vertical rails to be narrower or wider than 7cm we can do this for an additional fee of £30. Please bare in mind that the instruction manual is written for gaps of 7cm.

Please note that if you opt for the rounded opening, it is not possible to make the gap between this opening and the next slat narrower than 7cm.

What size is the side opening and is this adjustable?

The opening gap is 51cm. It is possible to make this bigger or smaller. It will incur the customisation fee of £30. Just get in touch in if you'd like to make this change!

Can I customise the floor beds?

Yes, as each bed is hand made we can customise any feature of the floor bed for a small fee of £30.

Can I move the opening from the left hand side to the right?

Absolutely! We can make this adjustment free of charge. Get in touch with us when you have placed your order and we will let the workshop know to put the door on the other side.

How much weight can the beds hold?

The beds can comfortably hold up to 150kg, meaning one adult and one child can sit together on the bed safely.

How does my bed come and in how many parts?

Each bed arrived disassembled with some clear instructions and all the parts for assembly. The number of parts depends on the size of the bed.

I'm buying a floor bed. Can I apply the legs at a later date?

Yes, you can!

Please note: The Toddler Floor bed does not automatically come with pre-drilled holes for legs.

To add legs you'll need to get in touch and we will add them to your order. They cost £20 extra.

If you think you'd like to add the legs in the future, that is absolutely fine, please email us to let us know now and we can make sure your bed frame has the pre-drilled holes ready for legs at a later date!

Do the toddler beds conform to British Standards?

The joinery workshop who craft the beds are based in the EU and therefore the beds are currently based on EU standards. We are actively working with the team there to adapt the design for Roomix to align with the UK standards. In the mean time if their are any spec you would like to change please reach out to us.

What size of mattress should I buy?

The dimensions listed for the floor beds are the internal dimensions of the beds, so are the correct size for your mattress.

These beds are designed for toddler mattresses of 10-15cm in depth. If you have a 25cm mattress that you'd like to use, we recommend increasing the height of the railings by 10-15cms.

Get in touch if you'd like to make this customisation and we'd be happy to help.

Can I have the bed painted in a different colour?

Yes we are happy to paint the bed in a different colour to white emulsion. This will be an additional £48 as we will work with you to find the colour you're looking for.

Is it possible to remove the front rail at a later date?

Yes this is possible but please bare in mind there will be some dowel holes that might need to be filled. Removing the front rail does not impact the structural integrity of the bed.

Can I join two beds together?

This might be possible depending on the size of bed you're interested in and the configuration. Please send over the the full details along with a basic sketch of how you'd like the beds to come together and we will double check with the workshop. Send over your sketch to

What kind of wax is used on the floor beds and is it safe for kids?

Absolutely it is safe for kids. The wax we use is a water-based bee wax manufactured in Italy and is certified EN 71-3 safe for children's toys along with other high quality standard certifications.

Radiator Covers

Can I make a bespoke or custom request?

If you want bespoke or custom requests, please send us an enquiry at and we'll help you out.

Are radiator covers safe for kids?

Yes! Radiator covers help to make it safer for your children as it prevents them from touching the hot radiator surfaces.

Does having a radiator cover affect the amount of heat coming from the radiator?

Our radiator covers are specifically designed with top heat vents to help distribute the heat around the room.

Can I paint my radiator cover?

Yes, your radiator cover can be painted if you select the 'Unfinished' finish, however make sure to use heat-resistant paint to protect the cover.

When will my radiator cover be delivered?

Our radiator covers are all custom made and will be delivered in 5-12 working days. You will be able to track it's progress once you place an order.

Contact us for estimated dispatch dates.


Can I make a bespoke or custom request?

If you want bespoke or custom requests, please send us an enquiry at and we'll help you out.

How much weight can these shelves support?

Contact us for more specific details at

How do I know if I have a stud wall or a solid wall?

Check out our detailed article on how to check if you have a stud or solid wall here.

When will my shelving be delivered?

Our shelving is hand made and delivered within 7-14 working days. You will be able to track it's progress once you place an order.

Contact us for estimated dispatch dates.


What type of wood is the coat and shoe bench made of?

The shoe and coat racks are made from solid pine wood which is very sturdy. The wax you select is applied to the pine to make it appear the colour you have selected (e.g. walnut).

Is the shoe bench strong enough to sit on while putting on your shoes?

Absolutely! Our shoe racks are super sturdy. They are definitely strong enough for someone to sit on.

How many hooks do I get on my coat rack?

The number of hooks that you get on your coat rack depends on the length of coat rack that you order.

  • 55 -60cm: 4 hooks
  • 61 - 70cm: 5 hooks
  • 71 - 80cm: 6 hooks
  • 81 - 90 cm: 7 hooks
  • 91 - 100cm: 8 hooks
  • 101 - 120cm: 9 hooks

If you'd like additional hooks added to your coat rack or want some spare hooks please drop us a message on and we'd be happy to add some more for you!

Can I get extra hooks if I need them?

Absolutely! Drop us an email and we're happy to send over some extra hooks with your order. Otherwise contact us here.

Can I have my shoe or coat rack in a single colour versus with an exposed wooden top?

Yes! No problem at all. Make your order on the website as usual selecting "natural" for the finish of the top. Then drop us an email with your order number to let us know that you want it fully painted and we will make sure that we pass this info along to the workshop for when the make up your order.

Can I have a different paint colour to the ones listed?

Yes! We stock a number of additional Farrow & Ball colours to the ones listed. Please get in touch to check whether we have the colour you're interested in in stock.

If you'd like a colour that we do not currently list, we are happy to buy this in for you. This will incur an additional cost of £34.

Mud Kitchens

What is a mud kitchen and what are the benefits?

A mud kitchen is an outdoor play kitchen for children to engage in sensory and imaginative play with mud, water and natural materials. Benefits include exploration, fine motor skill development, social interaction and connection with nature.

Are mud kitchens only for outdoor use?

Generally yes, it is designed for outdoor use due to the messy nature of play. However you could set it up in a designated indoor space such as the garage or basement for year-round play.

Are mud kitchens safe for children?

Our mud kitchens are treated to prevent against mould & insects and fully finished with no sharp edges. Ensure the kitchen is set up in a safe and stable location and avoid using sharp objects as utensils.

Can children of all ages use a mud kitchen?

Yes, certainly. Younger children can engage in sensory exploration while older children can engage in more imaginative and interactive play.

When will my mud kitchen be delivered?

Your mud kitchen will be delivered in up to 14 working days.

You will be able to track it's progress once you place an order. Contact us for estimated dispatch dates.

Montessori Furniture

What is Montessori furniture and how is it different from traditional children's furniture?

The Montessori educational approach nurtures independence, encourages exploration, fosters concentration and focus, supporting the child's natural sensory development and self-directed learning processes. Montessori furniture feature child-sized designs which encourage children to engage actively with their environment.

Is Montessori furniture safe for my children?

Our Montessori furniture meets safety standards and are free from any hazards such as sharp edges or loose parts. Our pieces are also coated with environment-friendly 0% VOC oil and water-based non toxic paint which is certified for children’s toys and safety standards.

Can I join Montessori furniture together?

Yes! Our entire Montessori range is designed so that you can join them together to create your own unit. Simply select the 'Wall and unit fixing' option to receive fixtures to join our modular Montessori range together.

Can Montessori furniture be adapted as the child grows?

Yes! In fact Montessori furniture pieces are designed to grow with the child or can be easily adapted to accommodate their changing needs and abilities.

Can I make a bespoke or custom request?

If you want bespoke or custom requests, please send us an enquiry at and we'll help you out.

When will my Montessori furniture be delivered?

Your Montessori furniture will be delivered in up to 14 working days.

You will be able to track it's progress once you place an order. Contact us for estimated dispatch dates.

Kids Climb & Play

What are the benefits of a Pickler Triangle Climber?

The Pickler Triangle is a versatile structure which can be used in a number of ways. It helps children to improve their gross motor skills and provides a place to safely push their physical boundaries. Alongside encouraging mobility and muscle development, it also promotes open-ended play which encourage creativity and increases spatial awareness and balance skills.

Is the climber suitable for children?

The climber is suitable for children aged between 6 months and 7 years. It can be placed at different heights and angles to adapt to your growing children.

What's included in my climber kit?

Climber kits will include wall fixings, an allen key and easy instructions for wall mounting safely.

How much weight can the balance board support?

The board can hold up to 150kgs/330lbs which means it can be enjoyed by everyone but especially young children.

Can I use these indoor and outdoors?

Yes! The materials used are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The rope is very durable and robust, meaning it will last a lifetime. Your order can come with an indoor hanging kit for fixing to the ceiling.

Are gymnastic rings safe for kids to use?

Gymnastic rings are generally suitable for kids from 3 years old. It is essential to ensure that the rings are securely attached and installed to a stable spot capable of supporting the weight of the child. Also ensure the area is clear of obstacles.

Can gymnastic rings be adjusted for different heights?

Yes! You can easily adjust the rope length to the desired height of your children.

When will my kids climber and play items be delivered?

Your kids climber and play items will be delivered in up to 10 working days.

You will be able to track it's progress once you place an order. Contact us for estimated dispatch dates.

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