About Roomix

Hello, we’re Shona and Mark, the co-founders of Roomix. As first time property owners, we set out to make some personal touches to our homes without wanting to foot the bill for expensive tradespeople. Only there was a problem! For novices the DIY industry is really, really hard to navigate. We know how important feeling happy in your space is for mental health and think everyone should have the chance to live somewhere that feels like home. We built Roomix to make it easier for everyone to complete amazing home projects. Let us know how you get on!

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The Roomix Community

Earlier this year we ran a crowdfunding campaign, and now over 200 of our community, are partners in Roomix. We could not be happier to have our customers, creators and community along on this journey in an even deeper way. We can’t wait to build the next chapter of Roomix with you!


Waste Not, Want Not

At Roomix we help you make decisions around what you need to buy for your project. This means getting just the right quantity of each material - not too much, not too little. The construction industry (of which DIY contributes) is the single biggest source of waste in the UK. If we can cut out unnecessary trips to the store and make sure you get just the right amount for your project - that’s a win in our book. Our panelling design tool is one way that you get personalised layout plans and shopping lists with Roomix.

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Here for a new generation of doer

For too long the DIY industry has been macho and old fashioned. Our customers are ready to rewrite those outdated narratives and change the story. At Roomix, we’re here for a new generation of doer - one who does not believe in the difference between design and DIY, or blue jobs and pink jobs. Our customers just want to roll up their sleeves and make things happen.

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