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Our story

We both bought property during the pandemic. Armed with hefty mortgages and big Pinterest-board dreams, we set about turning our blank canvases into happy homes. But there was a problem.

Mark got frustrated spending weeks trying to get tradespeople out to quote for his home projects. His record for getting ghosted climbed higher than his days on Tinder. DIY soon became the only option, but getting everything he needed in the Welsh countryside was easier said than done.

I struggled too. Even changing a lightbulb was a challenge and I thought it was about time I learnt some practical skills. After spending hours scrolling YouTube for videos that were actually relevant (and not of a man in his 60s in Mississippi with a tool shed and truck) I was feeling more lost than when I started.

Why are home projects so hard? This problem was too close to home (pun intended) - for us not to solve. So we set out to build a new type of DIY platform for the next generation of doers.

With Roomix we want to remove the stress of planning, shopping for and doing home projects - and maximise that sense of joy when a project is complete. Because practical skills & happy spaces are for everyone and home is really where you put the heart in.

Shona x

We care about…

Waste from the renovation industry is a huge contributor to our national landfill. By helping our customers to plan exactly what they need for their projects - and then delivering it right to them - we will take away the risk of ending up with way too much product or even ending up with totally the wrong thing.

(This also conveniently means cutting out the second…or third…or fourth trip to the hardware store over the course of one project when you find out you have the wrong thing!) Over time we are striving to get even more precise with our measurements, our materials and our packaging, removing waste from the process at every step.


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