Installation & Assembly Service
Get it done, stress-free

We’ve partnered with Taskrabbit for help with installation and assembly. Taskrabbit discount available post purchase with Roomix.

  • Help install wall panels

    Don’t have time? Sit back, Taskers will install and paint your wall panels for you.

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  • Help assemble floor beds

    Not sure how to put it together? Hire a Tasker for assembly service and relax.

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  • Help install shelves

    Hire a Tasker to securely install your shelves! They can get it done right in a jiffy.

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How does it work?

Complete purchase for your new wall panelling, shelving or floor bed.

Once dispatched, you will receive an email from us with all the details.

Click on Taskrabbit link, put in your full address.

Choose a Tasker in your area that meets your needs, budget and time.

Sit back and relax. Your Tasker will take care of the installation for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taskrabbit?

Taskrabbit is the largest platform for home services in the UK. You will be able to find the help you need for easy installation and assembly from as little as £20 an hour, with services available all over the UK.

How much does installation cost?

The cost will depend on the Tasker you choose on Taskrabbit. Their prices will be listed when you enter your address in the link. Taskers bill on the hourly basis and you will receive a final bill once the job is done. All tasks have a one-hour minimum.

How long will installation take?

Installation time will vary according to the type of product need assembled. Inquire with the Tasker you book for a more precise time.

What products can I get installed?

You can have any wall panelling, shelving or floor beds installed. Taskrabbit has Taskers capable of installing a wide range of products. Taskers will follow the instructions provided with each product, so please ensure you retain this information.

What should I do after I receive my Roomix order?

Please check your order is fully delivered and in good condition before booking. No matter how big or small, you must report any issue to Roomix before you book a Tasker to install. If you fail to report these issues prior to booking a Tasker, Roomix can not accept liability. Once your Tasker is booked you will be covered by the TaskRabbit Happiness Pledge if there are any issues with the service.

I haven’t received an email with a Taskrabbit link.

Taskrabbit links are only sent to customers who have purchased our wall panelling kits, shelving kits or floor beds. Please contact us here and we’ll get it sent to you as soon as possible!

Terms & Conditions

Taskrabbit is the preferred partner of Roomix for installation. Before arranging an appointment via Taskrabbit, please ensure that you are happy to abide by the terms & conditions set by Taskrabbit.

Taskrabbit has been operating in the UK for 10 years, has over 500,000 five-star user reviews, and runs identity checks on all Taskers - but there is always the chance for something to go wrong. Roomix is not responsible for any issues caused by third parties, includingmissing or late appointments, damages or required repairs. Any such instances can be taken up separately with Taskrabbit.

Note that Taskrabbit’s Happiness Pledge is built-in protection included with every task: all booking made and paid through the Taskrabbit platform are covered by the policy, which reimburses eligible claims of up to £10,000 if the task was not done properly. Learn more here.

Partner Disclosure

Roomix will earn a small commission if you choose Taskrabbit for your installation or assembly.