Floating Alcove Shelves
Make your home, your own

Custom-made shelving by expert joiners, delivered right to your door

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  • Made to fit your space

  • Super simple installation

  • High quality wood that will last

  • Joiner built to your exact dimensions

No more off-the-shelf shelves!
Get it made-to-measure

We are on a mission to make bespoke homes, accessible to everyone. More often than not you want shelving that has a particular style and fits a unique space.

Our shelves are crafted to your specifications, then delivered directly to your door. All the quality of bespoke, without the eye watering price tag of trade people.

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  • Fixing included for your wall type

  • Clear and easy step-by-step guide

  • Include extra tools in your kit

  • Eco-Friendly paints

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch if you still have questions

When will my shelving be delivered?

Our shelving is hand made and delivered within 7-14 working days. You will be able to track it's progress once you place an order.

Contact us for estimated dispatch dates.

How much weight can these shelves support?

Contact us for more specific details at hello@roomixdiy.com

How do I know if I have a stud wall or a solid wall?

Check out our detailed article on how to check if you have a stud or solid wall here.

Can I make a bespoke or custom request?

If you want bespoke or custom requests, please send us an enquiry at hello@roomixdiy.comand we'll help you out.

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