Airing Cupboard Shelves,
made for you

Custom-made shelving by expert joiners, delivered right to your door

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  • Made to fit your space

  • Super simple installation

  • 10 times cheaper than a trade

  • Solid wood crafted by experts

No more off-the-shelf, shelves!

We are on a mission to make bespoke homes, accessible to everyone. More often than not you want shelving that has a particular style and fits a unique space.

Our shelves are crafted to your specifications, then delivered directly to your door. All the quality of bespoke, without the eye watering price tag of tradepeople.

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  • Joiner built to your exact dimensions

  • FSC wood

  • Fixings included for your wall type

  • Clear and easy fitting guide

What our customers say


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What does self-install mean for shelves?

Our projects are all designed to be installed by our customers, no matter your DIY experience level. The simple fact that they have already been designed for your space makes installation MUCH easier. That said, we also include clear instructions, video tutorials and are on hand on whatsapp if you have any questions as you go!

What are the tips for measuring up?

We always recommend finding the full width of your airing cupboard and then taking away 1cm. This will mean that your shelves will easily fit through the cupboard door but will still be super sturdy in position. The batons that we send out with the shelves for support are wider than than 1cm so even with 1cm short, they will sit nicely on the batons and fit well.

What happens if I get my measurements wrong?

On every page we offer tips and tricks for how to best measure up your space, but we know mistakes here can happen. If you’re measurements are slightly off when your product arrives drop us a message - there is usually a very simple fix that means you won’t need to start again(like popping in a bit of wood filler!). For bigger mistakes, get in touch and we can get a new product to you.

What happens if I need more customisations to my shelves?

Get in touch! If you need extra cut outs to your shelves or you’re worried that you alcove is wonky then give us a shout. We will do everything we can to make your shelves to the exact size and design you’re after.

Is your wood FSC approved?

Yes, all of our workshops are careful to find FSC approved, sustainably sourced wood