What colour to paint your wood panelled walls?

What colour to paint your wood panelled walls?

Deciding the colour to paint your wood panelled walls is ultimately about choosing the impact you want the wood panelling to have in your room. In this article we explore the wall panelling colour ideas that come recommended by our team of interior designers and content creators.

Of course, the reasons people choose to install wood panelling in their home varies from room to room. Owners of older homes often want wood panels to stay in keeping with the period features of their home and may choose subtler colours for paint.

Newer build home-owners are often wood panelling to add character and texture to otherwise bland walls and might choose a bolder colour to make them pop!

The colour you choose to paint your panels ultimately comes down to whether you want them to stand out or blend in.

Our interior design team at Roomix have handpicked a range of wall panel colour ideas to go with different types of panel design, spaces and personal preference.

Samples of all our colours are available in our shop. Just get in touch on live chat with the paint colours you’d like to try!
Half height shiplap panelling in bedroom

@carolinemcquistin’s half wall shiplap panelling painted in Lick Green 02

Want to make a feature out of your wood panelling? Go bold! 

Wood panelling on one wall, or on part of one wall, adds texture and interest. Even before you slap on the paint, the panelling alone will draw the eye towards this part of the room and make a feature of the wall.

If you are naturally drawn to bolder colours but feel anxious about letting them loose on a larger scale, this could finally be your chance to experiment with colour!

Bold bedrooms with wood panelling

A lot of our customers apply wood panelling behind the bed as a makeshift bedhead.

It might seem counterintuitive, but for those with naturally darker bedrooms we say don’t fight it! Darker, richer colours in this type of space not only have a dramatic impact but accentuate a cosy space.

Bedroom with shiplap wall panelling and prints

@homebirdstudio’s half wall shiplap panelling painted in rich dark green

Here Lucy (@homebirdstudio) has used a rich dark green colour (Lick’s Soho House Amsterdam) for the vertical shiplap wood panelling behind her bed. She has paired this with both a bright and pastel pink accent coming through in her prints and bedding.

The green colour combined with the different textures of the wood panelling and bed throw, add depth and warmth to the room.

Sage green shiplap panelling in bedroom  

@keelieslife behind bed half wall shiplap panelling in sage green

For naturally brighter rooms, painting your wood panelling in lighter pastels or sage draws the eye while elevating the sense of calm.

Keelie (@Keelieslife) has painted the shiplap panelling behind her bed in a, sage green (Coat Paints: Park Life). It keeps the room feeling fresh and bright, both soothing for sleep time but energising for jumping out of bed in the morning.

Pink shiplap panelling in bedroom

@thebournemouthmuml shiplap panelling in warm pastel pink

Finally Charlotte (@thebournemouthmum) has chosen a warm pastel pink from Frenchic to paint the shiplap wood panelling in her daughter’s room. We think this colour is both girly and sophisticated, warming and welcoming. It’s a colour that will grow up with her using accessories with different accent colours as she gets older.

Consistent colours for full room or stairs wood panelling 

If you have chosen to panel a larger area, such as a full room or throughout the hallway or stairs you may choose a softer colour throughout.

This will tie the panelling into the room as a whole and emphasise a greater sense of space. This is ideal if you want your panels to feel in keeping with an older property or if you are using your panels to add a layer of protection to a larger wall space such as the full stairway.

Traditional panelling up stairs painted in warm green/ grey

@1930s_doer_upper traditional stairs panelling in a greenish grey paint

Jessica (@1930s_doer_upper) has added grey with green undertones (Frenchic: Blackjack) to her traditional stairs panelling. This classic look works brilliantly alongside vivid floor tiles and accented black bannister, oozing in class and style.

Brighter paints for panelling with a rustic vibe

Many choose to go for a cream or white (such as our warm “white cotton”) for shiplap paneling styles. These panels automatically evoke bright beach huts or wooden lodges, and the white paintwork can further reinforce this uplifting look.

Pantry with white shiplap panelling

@reynoldsresidence painted her shiplap panelled pantry in a fresh white

Jessica from @reynoldsresidence has painted the wood panelling in her pantry a fresh, clean white. This colour is ideal for making a smaller space feel brighter and more spacious. The white on wood panelling also evokes a traditional, homely larder complete with rustic shelves and accessories.

Playing with colour on wood panelled walls

The texture provided by wood panelling creates a natural break for the eye. For the more adventurous the opportunity to play with colours can go beyond just painting the panels a different colour to the rest of the room.

Office nook with white shiplap panelling

@houseproject_36 office nook space with shiplap panelling painted white, in contrast to the rest of the room

@houseproject_36 has created a panelled nook for her office and painted it white, with the rest of the room in a warm teal. This visually and mentally creates a separate space which is ideal for tricking the brain into focusing! It looks amazing too.

Green traditional panelling up staircase with colourful prints

@overat18 painted traditional stairs panelling a bright green, putting a modern twist on a period feature

Geri @overat18 has painted her half-height traditional stairs panelling a bright, lime green while choosing the keep the rest of the wall white. This vivid, modern colour provides a creative and colourful contrast to the traditional style of the panelling. In a beautiful touch of character, she has matched the paint colour of the wood panelling to the bannister. This makes an eye-catching design feature out of the wood panelling. We love it.

If you need help choosing what colour to paint your wood panelling or you’d like to receive some paint colour samples get in touch! Our interior designers love nothing more than a paint colour challenge. We can’t wait to help!

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