Traditional wall panelling up the stairs, painted pale green

Wall Paneling Styles from the Roomix Panelistas!

Since embarking on this Roomix adventure 6 months ago, it’s true to say that one area that has brought me the most joy has been seeing the finished look of our panelling kits adorning the walls of our customers' homes. 

As a small business every single sale we get is a serious high 5, fist-bumbs all round, type of moment for the team. But nothing could have prepared me for the pride I would feel in seeing the finished products come to life on real-life walls, in real-life homes. This is the moment that our humble panelling kits take  on a whole new life and character of their own. Our baby flying the nest. (Too far? Maybe) 

The beauty of wall panelling is its versatility. It can look great in almost every room. It can be a subtle and sophisticated backdrop or a bold, statement piece. The creativity, the colours and the character that our amazing bunch of “Panelista” customers have applied  to their wall panelling kits has gone above and beyond our wildest imaginations.

So, we thought it was about time to celebrate some of these wonderful wall panelling creations and give a shout out to our early creators! 


Stephanie’s Luxurious Shaker Bathroom

Shaker wall panelling in luxurious brown bathroom
 Shaker panelling from @my_london_home

The rich brown paint work and sleek, standalone bathtub were enough to get us drooling over Stephanie’s bathroom. The half wall Shaker style panelling around the whole room adds to both the sense of warmth and sophistication. This bathroom takes relaxation seriously. We can almost smell the candle, taste the red wine and touch the bath bubbles just looking at this photo.  


Jen’s bedroom & nook shiplap panelling 


Horizontal slatted shiplap wall, with scalloped edged bedhead and bedside table

Shiplap panelling from @crack_the_shutters

Horizontal shiplap wall and dressing table in nook space

Horizontal slats and dressing table creating a beautiful nook space

The straight lines of the shiplap panelling, combined with the scalloped edge of the bedhead and curved bedside table, is a feast of alternating shapes for the eyes. We love how the shiplap panelling  adds to the cosy and comforting style of this room. Adding panelling to the nook space makes the room flow and creates an inviting feature out of an otherwise tricky-to-use spot. 


Geri’s Colourful Traditional Panelled Stairs  


Traditional style panelling on stairs, painted pale green

Traditional panelling on stairs by @overatno18

We LOVE Geri’s use of colour throughout her house. Quite frankly - it fills us with optimism and joy and it has inspired us to be bolder and brighter in the colour range that we offer at Roomix. Combining a traditional panelled staircase with a modern pastel green is a match made in heaven. And a reminder to us all that just because panelling works so well in period properties that it can be a modern statement piece as well. What a stairway of dreams - bravo! 


Jade’s Calming Shaker Panelled Living Room


Shaker panelled living room wall, painted white with sofa and coffee table in front

Shaker panelling from @home_on_the_commons

Jade’s ¾ height, Shaker panelling in her living room, painted a crisp white and stopped with a dado rail, has created a bright and inviting space. The panelling adds to the elegance of the room and is the perfect backdrop to warm lighting  and a comfy sofa. It also creates space by drawing the eye to the full length of the room. We have received so many customer comments asking to recreate Jade’s look that we changed up our kits to offer the dado trim for everyone.  


Aileen’s Inviting Shiplap Hallway 

Shiplap panelling in hallway painted white, decorated with prints

Shiplap hallway panelling from @visitnumber7

The vertical shiplap in Aileen’s hallway is the perfect inviting background for welcoming  in guests. Choosing to paint it white accentuates the height of the ceilings and the brightness of the natural light that seeps through the front door. Shiplap has always reminded us of cabanas by the sea and feels like the style which is most evocative of nature-inspired design. Conveniently for places of high footfall (like the hallway), it serves as a stylish wall protector as well! 


Thank you to everyone has shared your before and after shots. We are seriously impressed. To all of our creative and inspiring Panelistas - you’re nailing it! (Well actually, we hope you’re using wood glue!) 


Happy DIY'ing!



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