Stairs Wall Panelling Kits: Measuring up ūüďŹ & how to get the right kit ūüď¶

Stairs Wall Panelling Kits: Measuring up ūüďŹ & how to get the right kit ūüď¶

All of our wall panelling kits have been carefully put together to ensure you always receive the right amount of everything for your job. 

This means getting exactly the right amount of wood for your wall panelling project (don't worry we include a some extra in case of mistakes!) and materials (things like wood glue, caulk and primer!) for the size of your wall.


In order to get the select the wall panelling kit you need to know how to measure up correctly. While this is straightforward for most walls, it can be slightly more confusing to get the right kit for your stairs wall panelling projects. 

In this blog we show you how to measure up correctly, with a particular focus on how to measure up for your stairs panelling kit. 


Fear not! We've put together this handy step by step guide to help you with: 

    1. How to measure your walls 
    2. How to measure your stairs  
    3. Help! I have a weird shaped space!
    4. Wait...what's actually in my kit?! 

1. Measuring Horizontal Walls for Wall Panelling:

Getting the right width: 

    1. First measure the width of your wall by placing your tape measure above the skirting board and measuring the full distance left to right. This is easier to do with a friend who can hold the end of the tape measure in place.  
    2. If your wall is very long you might need to do this in two steps and then add both measurements together to get the full width 
    3. Based on your wall width, select the wall panelling kit that is right for your space. For walls up to 240cms select a small wall panelling kit, up to 400cms select a medium wall panelling kit and select a large wall panelling kit for walls up to 600cms. 
    4. Note! If you have a very long wall (over 600cm) or you are planning on wall panelling more than one wall, then you¬†might¬†need to buy more than one kit to make sure you have enough MDF! ūüď¶
    5. Or get in touch with us on Whatsapp and we'll make a bespoke order for you! 

Getting the right height: 

    1. The average height of walls in the UK is 240cm high so unless you have particularly high ceilings then our kits will have you covered.
    2. Select whether you want your wall panelling to come up half way, three-quarters of the way or the full way up the wall and select the right option
    3. If you do have high ceilings (lucky you! ūüėé) get in touch with us on¬†Whatsapp¬†and we'll get you a bespoke kit order¬†¬†


ūüéļ BREAKING NEWS! ūüéļ

You can now use our world famous wall panelling Design Tool  for personal layout plans for our shaker wall panel kit. You just need to input the wall dimensions, create your wall panelling design and the tool will give you a wall panelling layout plan for your personalised project kit. 


2. Measuring Stairs 

Measuring up for your stairs wall panelling project might seem scary but it is just as simple! Most people want to wood panel their stairs and the adjoining hallways so you need to make sure you get the total width measured. 

    1. First measure the width of any sections of hallway at the top and/ or bottom of your stairs using the same method as above. If you have multiple sections that you want to wall panel, make a note of each individual measurement and add them together at the end. 
    2. For stairs wall panelling measurements place your tape measure above the skirting board and measure the full length of your stairs from bottom to top (again - grabbing a pal for this is helpful!) 
    3. Add the hallway measurements to the length of the stairs to get your total measurement and select the right kit for you. 
    4. For example, if they stairs are 4m and the hallway is 2m, you would need a 6m width stair wall panelling kit to cover both the stairs and hallway.  
Measuring Stairs


You may be thinking... but my stairway is an awkward shape?

If your hallway has bends or corners, just make sure you measure each section one by one and then add all the widths together. 

Once you have the total width/length, you can then pick the stair wall panelling kit you prefer.

If your total length is longer than 800cm (our Extra Large kit), get in touch on Whatsapp and we can create a bespoke order for you. 

Check out our wall panelling kits for your hallways and stairs here!


3. Help! I have a weird shaped space!

    1. If you measure up and find that your wall is just a little too wide for the small kit but much more narrow than the medium, then get in touch and we can sort you out! 
    2. If you're measuring a nook or slanted wall then the wall then the standard kit sizes should be fine, and we can give you plenty of tips on how to saw your wood at the right angle
    3. Finally, if you're panelling more than one wall, just remember one wall = one kit! You will need to repeat the measuring steps for each of the walls you are panelling. 


4. Wait... what's actually in my kit?! 

    • All¬†MDF panels or pinewood mouldings. Each strips measures 120cm in length.
    • There will be multiple strips in the kit to give you the right amount for¬†your required dimensions.
    • There is a saw and mitre box (if selected) to allow you to cut your strips to exactly the right size and everything you need to stick each strip to the wall (wood glue, paneling pins and caulk)¬†
    • We also include filler and sand paper so that you can fill the gaps between strips and make it look like one smooth piece of wood¬†

Everything you need for your project - in the right quantities - delivered right to your door! 


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