How to panel around plug sockets: Shaker panels

How to panel around plug sockets: Shaker panels

Step 1

Safety is always first, make sure the plug sockets are off before starting to work around them.


Step 2

Measure the distance from the skirting to the bottom of the socket.

Diagram showing distance between skirting and the socket


Step 3

Lay the MDF over the top of the socket and mark in pencil where the MDF meets each side of the socket.

Diagram showing piece of MDF over a plug socket


Step 4

Take the MDF off the wall and lie it flat on the floor with the pencil marks facing up. Then use a straight edge to continue you marks down the panel.

Using the measurement from Step 2, measure up from the bottom on the panel and mark with a pencil. Use a spirit level to draw a straight line across that measurement so you get a H shape.

Diagram of MDF with measurements on


Step 5

Optional: Use a drill and a large drill bit to drill holes in the corners of the cut out (pink circles on the diagram below). This will help with sawing them out.

Use a hacksaw to cut out the section for the socket.


Step 6

Place your panel on the wall to check the fit. Use sandpaper for small adjustments or the hacksaw for bigger ones until you get a snug fit.

Don't worry about any gaps, you can decorators caulk to fill them as per your kit how to guide to get a straight finish.

Diagram of MDF panel around a socket



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