Custom Radiator Covers
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Made-to-measure radiator covers by expert joiners, delivered right to your door

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  • Perfectly fits over your radiator

  • Super simple installation

  • Rustic radiator cover

    Choice of styles

  • Expert made to your exact dimensions

Radiator covers that fit
One side does not fit all

Radiators are built in all different shapes and size but they tend to have one thing in common... they are an ugly eyesore in most rooms. Off-the-shelf covers are poorly made and rarely the right size.

Our radiator covers are crafted to your specifications, then delivered directly to your door. Whatever the size and shape of your radiator or the height of your skirting board we create a radiator cover that fits. Select a design that matches the aesthetic of your room with a shelf for decoration.

Their innovative clip-together flat pack design and simple step by step instructions mean that you can assemble a quality, custom-fit radiator cover in minutes.

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  • Designed to enhance heat circulation

  • Flat pack with clip together fixings

  • Birdseye view of rustic radiator cover

    Choose your own finishes

  • Made with Natural FCS wood

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch if you still have questions

Can I make a bespoke or custom request?

If you want bespoke or custom requests, please send us an enquiry at hello@roomixdiy.comand we'll help you out.

When will my radiator cover be delivered?

Our radiator covers are all custom made and will be delivered in 5-12 working days. You will be able to track it's progress once you place an order.

Contact us for estimated dispatch dates.

Can I paint my radiator cover?

Yes, your radiator cover can be painted if you select the 'Unfinished' finish, however make sure to use heat-resistant paint to protect the cover.

Does having a radiator cover affect the amount of heat coming from the radiator?

Our radiator covers are specifically designed with top heat vents to help distribute the heat around the room.

Are radiator covers safe for kids?

Yes! Radiator covers help to make it safer for your children as it prevents them from touching the hot radiator surfaces.

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