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Custom-made floor beds by expert joiners, delivered right to your door

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  • Customise your own design

  • Inspire creativity and movement

  • Solid natural pine wood, sanded smooth

  • Expert made, designed to last

What are the benefits of floor beds?
And why Montessori?

The Montessori inspired floor beds promotes both a sense of independence and creative play.

Being close to the ground, they foster a sense of security and comfort, leading to better quality sleep.

They allow for a freedom of movement. Children learn that they can come and go and have free-reign of their baby-proofed room.

Finally, they are uniquely designed to stimulate the imagination. The bed itself becomes a whole new world of adventure.

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  • Front side opening style

  • Additional storage or legs

  • Square or rounded corner edges for safety

  • Natural pine wood finish or white emulsion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch if you still have questions

Can I customise the floor beds?

Yes, as each bed is hand made we can customise any feature of the floor bed for a small fee of £30.

How many cm is the gap between the vertical rails of the floor bed?

The gap between the rails is around 7cm, but it varies slightly depending on the bed’s size.

If you'd like the gap between the vertical rails to be narrower or wider than 7cm we can do this for an additional fee of £30. Please bare in mind that the instruction manual is written for gaps of 7cm.

Please note that if you opt for the rounded opening, it is not possible to make the gap between this opening and the next slat narrower than 7cm.

How much weight can the beds hold?

The beds can comfortably hold up to 150kg, meaning one adult and one child can sit together on the bed safely.

Do the toddler beds conform to British Standards?

The joinery workshop who craft the beds are based in the EU and therefore the beds are currently based on EU standards. We are actively working with the team there to adapt the design for Roomix to align with the UK standards. In the mean time if their are any spec you would like to change please reach out to us.

How does my bed come and in how many parts?

Each bed arrived disassembled with some clear instructions and all the parts for assembly. The number of parts depends on the size of the bed.

Can I apply the legs at a later date?

Yes you can! You'll need to purchase 4 additional legs which will cost £20. These can be added to the base of a floor bed when you're ready. If you'd like to buy some extra legs get in touch and we will add them to your order.

Can I have the bed painted in a different colour of my choosing?

Yes we are happy to paint the bed in a different colour to white emulsion. This will be an additional £48 as we will work with you to find the colour you're looking for.

Can I move the opening from the left hand side to the right?

Absolutely! We can make this adjustment free of charge. Get in touch with us when you have placed your order and we will let the workshop know to put the door on the other side.

What are the internal and external dimensions on the beds?

The internal dimensions are the sizes that we have listed above and these relate to standard mattress sizes. To get the external dimensions on the bed you need to add 8cm all the way around. So, if the bed you like is 140cm x 70cm then the external dimensions of the bed will be 148cm x 78cm.

Get in touch if you'd like a size that is not currently listed. We can accommodate almost all changes to the size.

Is it possible to remove the front rail at a later date?

Yes this is possible but please bare in mind there will be some dowel holes that might need to be filled. Removing the front rail does not impact the structural integrity of the bed.

Can I join two beds together?

This might be possible depending on the size of bed you're interested in and the configuration. Please send over the the full details along with a basic sketch of how you'd like the beds to come together and we will double check with the workshop. Send over your sketch to

Is there a gap between the floor and the mattress for ventilation?

There is a 5cm gap between the floor and the mattress.

What size is the side opening and is this adjustable?

The opening gap is 51cm. It is possible to make this bigger or smaller. It will incur the customisation fee of £30. Just get in touch in if you'd like to make this change!

What size of mattress should I buy?

The dimensions listed for the floor beds are the internal dimensions of the beds, so are the correct size for your mattress.

These beds are designed for toddler mattresses of 10-15cm in depth. If you have a 25cm mattress that you'd like to use, we recommend increasing the height of the railings by 10-15cms.

Get in touch if you'd like to make this customisation and we'd be happy to help.

What kind of wax is used on the floor beds and is it safe for kids?

Absolutely it is safe for kids. The wax we use is a water-based bee wax manufactured in Italy and is certified EN 71-3 safe for children's toys along with other high quality standard certifications.

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