Bespoke Radiator Covers,
made for you

Custom-made radiator covers by expert joiners, delivered right to your door

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  • Made to fit your radiator

  • Super simple installation

  • Choice of styles

  • Cheaper than the trades

Can’t find a radiator cover to fit?
Get it made-to-measure

Radiators are built in all different shapes and size but they tend to have one thing in common... they are an ugly eyesore in most rooms. Off-the-shelf covers are poorly made and rarely the right size.

Our radiator covers are crafted to your specifications, then delivered directly to your door. Whatever the size and shape of your radiator or the height of your skirting board we create a radiator cover that fits. Select a design that matches the aesthetic of your room with a shelf for decoration.

Their innovative clip-together flat pack design and simple step by step instructions mean that you can assemble a quality, custom-fit radiator cover in minutes.

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  • Joiner built to your exact dimensions

  • Choice of designs and finishes

  • Vents for optimum heat circulation

  • Flat pack with clip together fixings

What our customers say


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Does a radiator cover prevent heat circulating around my room?

On the contrary, our radiator covers are designed with heat-maximising vents at the top and sides. These vents channel heat to the areas of the room that you want it versus sending heat in all directions which means it gets dispersed more easily, and you feel less impact.

What does click together flat-pack mean?

Our radiator covers come flat pack which means that they are extra safe in transit. Then have hidden fixings on the inside of the cover which allows you to simply clip each piece of wood together. It is super simple (with clear instructions included) and they are incredibly sturdy.

How do I make sure I get the right size?

We offer a video guide and a diagram to help you measure up for your radiator cover. We recommend that you add 5cm to each end of your radiator and 5cm to the height to get optimal coverage without a risk of it not fitting. If you’d like your cover to be even larger or the shelf section higher that’s perfectly fine too!

What happens if I want to customise my radiator cover even more?

Get in touch! If you need extra cut outs to your radiator cover or have a different height to your skirting board that’s totally fine. We will do everything we can to make your radiator cover to the exact size and design you’re after.

What if I want a different style to the ones you have listed?

We can make basically any style! If you have a different design in mind send us over a couple of pics and we will create something together exactly as you like it!

Is your wood FSC approved?

Yes, all of our workshops are careful to find FSC approved, sustainably sourced wood

What are the radiator covers made from?

Super sturdy 18mm MDF.