Wall Panelling Ideas For Your Hallway

Wall Panelling Ideas For Your Hallway

Hallways, hallways, hallways. They are the entrance to your world, a thoroughfare from A to B, the storage point for the things you need in the outside world - coats, keys, shoes, - grabbed as you fly through the door and shed again when you return. A hallway has a purpose and is, by necessity, a space for efficiency. 

But a hallway is also an invitational space. The place you welcome guests, greet family and provide visitors with the very first impression of your home. One of the most frequented yet oft-neglected spaces in the house when it comes to interior design and DIY. We’re here to make the case for investing in your hallway! With the right tools and a DIY ‘can do’ attitude, you can turn your hallway into one of the most memorable spaces in your home. 

Wall panelling in your hallway and stairs is a great way to add character and style to your space. Read on for our top hallways panelling ideas to get those DIY inspo juices flowing! 

hallway shaker wall panelling
Hallway inspiration from one of the Roomix creators (@end_of_the_row)

Traditional wall panelling for hallways and stairs

Traditional wall panelling is created with pinewood mouldings affixed to the wall in square or rectangular patterns. It is the most popular wall panelling style for the hallway because it accentuates period features of the property, elevates entranceway elegance and adds a luxurious feel to your space.

Unlike shaker wall panelling it does not follow a grid so the pattern itself is more adaptable. Many hallways and staircases go round corners and have certain small, awkward walls. With the traditional wall panelling style it is easy to create a small panel on smaller walls. 

Applying traditional panelling throughout the hallway and up the stairs can help draw the eye through the building creating a sense of height, space and flow. 


Hallway traditional wall panelling transformation

An example of a hallway transformation adding traditional wall panelling


Please note: getting the right angle for your wood when going up stairs adds a level of complexity so wall paneling up stairs is a harder project than panelling on a flat, horizontal wall. Though don’t let this put you off! Our Roomix kit comes complete with a digital angle finder and our How To guide leads you through the project every step of the way. 


Shaker wall panelling for hallways and stairs

Shaker wall panelling uses strips of MDF to create a grid like pattern that's very popular for hallway and stairs. Most choose to create a boxy, square pattern for their shaker wall panelling around the lower half of their hallway wall, in keeping with how it was originally designed in Edwardian times. 

Or you can choose narrower and taller rectangles as used by this creator for a more striking impact.

hallway shaker wall panelling transformation

An example of a hallway transformation adding shaker wall panelling


Finding the right angle for sawing the wood is more effortful on stairs projects but our How To guide explains in detail how to do this. We promise… the design is worth the effort! 


Shiplap Wall Panelling for Hallways

Our final hallway panelling idea is Shiplap. Shiplap wall panelling consists of vertical or horizontal strips of MDF stuck side by side, with even 2mm gaps between each slat (created with spacers designed for the job!). It adds nautical, natural style to the hallway while adding a layer of protective covering to the walls - ideal in a space that gets so much footfall and use. 


hallway shiplap wall panelling


Attach a shelf to the top of the panelling as an ideal storage point for all those “hallway bits”. You know the “bits” we means  - the letters yet to be opened, the post-it reminding you to get milk from Tescos, the dog’s lead…

Alternatively attach a set of beautiful coat hooks, they practical, space-saving and stylish, or create a feature wall by adding your favourite art pieces.


Get even more creative 

Wall panelling is the perfect decorative touch for hallways and stairs, but why stop there?

Combine with a stair runner…

Combine your panelling project with a stair or hallway floor runner to add the finishing design touch to this space. 


And have fun with your prints! 

Hanging the right prints can be important here as well. Hallways are by their very nature long spaces of blank wall. The ideal blank canvas if you will! They can be just the spot to showcase some of your bolder, more avant-guard prints that would not fit with theme you have for your bedroom or living room. Equally there is less pressure on this space to exude calm and tranquility so it can be a great spot to have fun with brasher colour and shape. Hallways are the perfect spot for a gallery wall or selection of your favourite photos.


Leave a lasting impression! 

Remember this is where your guests will be greeted and will be the place they faff around collecting coats and bags so this is a memorable spot. Choose wall panelling, prints or pics that reflect who you are and leave the lasting impression you want! 


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