Introducing the Roomix Design Tool

Wall panelling kits are some of the most popular project kits we sell at Roomix, however choosing the best panelling layout involves a lot of maths, which many people find off putting. Even if you are Rachel Riley, sketching your designs out on a piece of paper can be fiddly and time consuming.

Roomix want to make DIY projects as simple as possible and we realised we could use some snazzy technology to make panelling projects much easier. This is why we've launched the Roomix Wall Panel Design Tool, it automatically generates an optimal layout based on your wall dimensions, you can then customise your design and buy your personalised kit. Try it out here: Roomix Design Tool 

They are many different shapes of wall and even more styles of panelling. We believe in launching early to get real customer feedback, so part of the challenge with building the Design Tool was reducing what it could do so that we could launch something simple but still useful.

This means we're just getting started with what the Design Tool can do! Since launching we've been analysing how people use the tool and have already made multiple improvements.
Here's what our customers have been saying:
  • “I found the tool really useful, it was the thing that convinced me to finally buy the panelling”
  • “I was struggling to decide and the tool made it really easy”
We want your feedback! What do you wish the tool did which it doesn't do today?
  • Would you like visualise different paint colours on your panelling and buy paint or paint samples?
  • Currently the tool generates layout for shaker style wall panelling, would you like it to curate layouts for different styles?
  • Would you like the tool be able to design layouts for stairs and unusual shaped walls?
  • Do you want the ability to add items like doors, windows and have the tool generate the best layout?
  • Would Lego/IKEA style step by step instructions unique to your project be really useful? We could build an interactive instructions based on your design! 
Send your feedback to
The Design Tool is a foundational piece of tech for Roomix. It'll be used for projects such as tiling and laying laminate floorboards. Under the hood the Design Tool uses a 3D engine to create scale models, this means we can also use it to design shelving and for garden projects such as designing a pergola and calculating how much wood is needed.

Over time we want to extend the Design Tool so you can visualise making over your entire room with multiple DIY projects like panelling one wall and adding custom shelving to another, sanding and finishing your wooden floorboards and installing new light fittings.
Once we support whole rooms and multiple DIY projects we'll be able to curate suggestions for customers based on trending looks which match their tastes.