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Feature Wall Ideas: Colours, Designs, Inspiration!

Are you tired of looking at boring walls?

Adding a feature wall can bring new life to tired interiors. Projects range in intensity and boldness. Whether you want a show-stopper or a subtle touch of intrigue, we are firm believers that there is a feature wall for everyone and every home. 

The other beauty of a feature wall is that they can be easily “turned back”. It only takes a couple of licks of paint to cover over most painted walls, meaning that if your landlord isn’t a fan of your handy work you can quite easily set it straight before you leave. That said, we have a feeling the landlord will love it! 

Feeling like it might be time to shake up your space? Let’s look at some of our favourite feature wall ideas to get the inspiration flowing!

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1. Colour Blocking

Our first feature wall idea is colour blocking. Colour blocking is a unique way to create art directly on your walls. The main principle of the colour blocking trend, long since a staple in the worlds of art and fashion, is to combine different colours and hues. 

In interior design colour blocking means painting bold coloured shapes onto walls. It is used to add depth, interest and, of course, colour to spaces! With colour blocking there really are no rules or limits to creativity. 

The other reason we love it is that, despite looking ultra-professional and hyper-creative when seen in a home, it is surprisingly easy to achieve. It just requires a little imagination and a somewhat steady hand. 

Can't decide on your feature wall colour? Why not try a combination!?

Colour Blocking Feature Walls we love: 

  • Paint a block over two adjoining walls to draw the eye through the space 
  • Make an archway
  • Try painting several shapes to craft an intriguing, overlayed colour   
  • Using a colour block to frame a piece of artwork or a mirror. 

Get creative with this idea — there’s a lot you can do!


@our_bears_home on Instagram who used our colour blocking kit to transform her study with sand tones.  @crack_the_shutters created this green look with our colour block kit. You can see more of her beautiful home on Instagram

2. Shelves or Mirrors

Feature wall ideas do not have to stop at one bold colour. A neutral wall can be the perfect blank canvas for an interesting set of shelves or a mirror.

Well-designed shelving can be a visual feast for the eye in itself. A vase of dried flowers or a few well chosen books can be a delight. Be careful that your feature wall shelves do not become a dumping ground for all the family “stuff” like junk mail or keys. If the purpose of your shelves is to elevate a feature wall, then you should treat them as a piece of changeable and malleable art.  

Another feature wall idea is to find a big bold mirror! Sourcing the perfect mirror is easier said than done, but we recommend second hand furniture stores or Ebay for some amazing finds.

The effort of the search will be worth it when it’s on the wall. The reflection will automatically make the room seem bigger. Hanging a mirror opposite a window, reflects extra natural light around the room, elevating the brightness of the space.

Check out our alcove shelving kit here!  

3. Wall Panelling

Whether you have a new build property and want to add some character, or have an older home and want to elevate the traditional features, Wall Panelling is our top feature wall idea. 

Though originating back to the 15th Century, through its combination of sharp, lines and bold squares, Shaker Wall Panelling, has a modern statement look. Traditional Wall Panels, uses pinewood mouldings and can work beautifully as a classy frame for a bed.  

Before you decide this is too hard and jump to the next idea — hear us out. Putting up Wall Panelling isn’t as hard (or as expensive) as you might think.

The Roomix Wall Panelling kit gives you all your wood, materials and instructions, to show you how to wall panel like a pro. The final result, however, is guaranteed to impress and your friends will be amazed at your skills. You don’t even have to tell them how easy it was — we’ll keep your secret!

With our all-in-one wall panelling kits, wall panelling isn’t as hard or as expensive as you might think. Paint your feature wall a bold colour to stand out. 

4. Feature Ceiling

Wait. Whoever said that the walls are the only place that you can feature? Most of us don’t look up when entering other people’s homes, but that’s because there is nothing interesting to look at.  

What if you went wild and put something interesting up there? Our latest feature wall idea... use the ceiling too! 

Pick a bold feature colour and paint the ceiling instead of the wall. Try Colour Blocking directly onto your ceiling, or maybe even overlap a wall and the ceiling! 

Pick a bold colour and paint the ceiling instead of the wall. Try Colour Blocking directly onto your ceiling, or maybe even overlap a wall and the ceiling! 

5. Wall Paper

Papering just one wall, or a section of a wall, can allow for some bigger, brighter patterns without overpowering a space. Combing a papered section with a more soothing, neutralising paint tone allows for a fun, feature for the eye - without making a room unliveable or un-relaxing. 

For more feature wall colour ideas check out our range of Samples Packs. These combine premium paper from Hovia with complimentary Lick paints. All have been inspired by beautiful creator projects. 

Papering a section of your room let’s you go bolder with pattern and colour without overpowering the space and saves you some money too

Feature Walls Made Easy

This all sounds great, but you might be hesitant. We get it, DIY projects can seem intimidating and if your feature wall is designed to stand out you want to get it right.

A feature wall can be a bold statement - and it can be a scary statement if you get it wrong! 

But, tackling a single wall versus a whole room is a great way to get started. An amazing way to add unique creative impact and design to a space.

At Roomix our Wall Panelling kits designed to make these projects simple. We give you all the tools, materials and guidance you need to get started. Designed with beginners in mind. All that’s left is to roll up your sleeves. 

We can’t wait to see your feature wall creations!


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